Technical Specs

  • Acoustically engineered rail construction eliminates unwanted vibration
  • Rok-Solid 38-bolt rail-slate connection
  • 55mm precision matched Brazilian slates (4) + 55mm support bed
  • Steel I-beam foundation with 16-point fine-leveling adjusters
  • Eco-friendly energy efficient computer controlled heating system (foil / insulation layers)
  • Klematch P37 rubber cushions
  • Simonis 300 Rapide cloth
  • 2840 x 1420mm regulation playing surface
  • Reduced-glare top-surface ideal for television production and studio lighting

Constructed with solid natural wood and Brazilian slate, this premium carom billiards table ages gracefully. With 10-foot-long single-piece diamond wood rails permanently fastened by stainless steel headless bolts, and with a specially-designed 4-part slate construction, every Rok table has been created to stand the test of time, to survive not only a lifetime of games but the rigors of assembly, disassembly and transportation. In addition, we have refined our table heating technology to minimize heat-loss and maximize energy savings.

A great table produces minimal sound when the ball rolls, and Rok tables truly display their worth in this regard. The 55mm-thick Brazilian slate and solid wood construction (rather than granite, particle board or wood veneer) ensures that our tables are among the quietest and smoothest.

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